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Establishing Michigan State University as a

Global Leader in Ethics

Institute Mission

Establish an International Profile of Research Excellence in Global Ethics
Infuse Ethical Thinking Into the Intellectual Life of MSU Students
Advance Publicly Engaged Research & Pedagogy That Enhance the Quality of Public Life


To establish Michigan State University as a global hub for ethical thinking and decision-making, MSU is seeking to create the MSU Institute for Global Ethics in Theory & Practice which will advance innovative research and thought leadership in ethical theory. The institute will coordinate the university-wide educational and research initiatives to amplify the strengths of existing applied ethics centers and foster the growth of new centers on campus. The institute is designed to support the growth of existing initiatives and foster the development of new college-level or discipline-based endeavors.

An infographic with pillars representing ethical theory and applied practice. The six pillars are: The Frank J. Kelley Institute of Ethics (Law), Center for Bioethics and Social Justice, Center for Ethical & Socially Responsible Leadership, Data Ethics, Research Ethics, and Communication Ethics

Ethics Inventory Survey

We are assembling an inventory of the ways that we are engaging ethical work at MSU through our curriculum, research, creative activity, administration, and other aspects of campus life.

This will guide our strategic plan for developing a world class Ethics Institute that meets the needs of faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

Submissions Due by December 9, 2021