Join us for the 2021 MSU Ethics Symposium

October 14, 2021

Join us for the 2021 MSU Ethics Symposium

October 14, 2021

8:00am – 6:00pm

Attendees can participate in-person or virtually

Lunch will be provided  |  Reception to follow

The Ethics Symposium was made possible by the Farrehi Family Foundation.

Registration at Maximum Capacity and is Now Closed

For questions, please reach out to the Ethics Symposium Committee Co-Chairs.

About the Institute

We are proposing to establish an MSU Ethics Institute where leading-edge research in ethical theory will shape global ethical practice; knowledge of ethical practices will inform the further development of theory. In addition to catalyzing research in ethical theory and its applied practice, the Institute also aims to facilitate transformative classroom experiences and opportunities for students to discover the norms and values that will guide their careers and lives, and advance community-engaged outreach activities. The goal of the Institute would be to enhance the synergies of MSU’s ongoing work in applied ethics and expand the interdisciplinary collaborations across colleges and units. In addition, the Institute is expected to play a role in helping build and nurture MSUs ethical core. Overall, these will facilitate development of deep transdisciplinary expertise in related to global ethics and social justice and contribute to MSU’s mission of advancing knowledge and transforming lives.

Explore Opportunities to Advance a Major Initiative in Ethics

  • Be a catalyst for research in ethical theory and its applied practice.

  • Identify values that will transformative learning experiences for students.

  • Nurture understanding of ethical challenges across the globe through the study, teaching, and practice of ethics.

  • Advance community-engaged activities that bring ethics intentionally into public life.

About the Event

The MSU Ethics Symposium on October 14, 2021 will further this goal. There will be two featured speakers. Anita Allen will discuss how interdisciplinary outreach, practice, and pedagogy come together. Kirk O. Hanson will discuss how centers and institutes are created to work collaboratively. Both will discuss the philosophical and practical dimensions of the functioning of such an Institute

Each keynote speaker will be followed by a focus group of faculties who are interested in the various issues of outreach, research, practice, and pedagogy.

Keynote Speakers

headshot of a smiling woman, she has short hair and is wearing a suit with dangling earrings

Anita L. Allen, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

Internationally renowned as an expert on philosophical dimensions of privacy and data protection law, ethics, bioethics, legal philosophy, women’s rights, and diversity in higher education.

headshot of a smiling man, he is lit by a light and is wearing a turtleneck and blazer

Kirk O. Hanson

Santa Clara University

Senior fellow of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University and former executive director of the Center. His current research interests include the design of corporate ethics programs and the responsibilities of boards for the ethical culture of organizations.

Featured MSU Speakers

headshot of a smiling man, he is wearing a striped suit and tie and a spartan head pin

President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

headshot of a smiling woman, she is wearing large glasses, a blouse, and jewelry

Provost Teresa K. Woodruff, Ph.D.

Portrait of a smiling woman with shoulder-length dark hair, blue jacket, and pearl necklace.

Dean Linda Sheryl Greene, J.D.

College of Law

heashot of a smiling man, he is wearing rectangular glasses and a suit

Dean Christopher P. Long, Ph.D.

College of Arts & Letters
Honors College


7:30 AM

Continental Breakfast/Registration

8:00 AM

Welcome by Broad College of Business Dean

Remarks by MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.

Remarks by College of Arts & Letters / MSU Honors College Dean Christopher Long

Overview of the Day by College of Law Associate Dean Jennifer Carter Johnson 

Welcome and Introduction of Professor Anita Allen by College of Law Dean Linda Sheryl Greene

8:15 AM

Keynote Speaker: Anita Allen, Ph.D.

9:45 AM


10:00 AM

Faculty Breakout Session 1

11:30 AM

Sharing  Outcomes from  Session 1 Breakout Groups 

12:15 PM


1:15 PM

Keynote Speaker: Kirk O. Hanson

2:40 PM


2:50 PM

Faculty Breakout Session 2

4:00 PM

Sharing Outcomes From Session 2 Breakout Groups

4:45 PM

Conversations with Anita Allen and Kirk Hanson

5:45 PM

Introduction of Provost Woodruff by Dean Christopher Long

Closing Remarks: Provost Woodruff, Ph.D.

Next steps by Broad College of Business Dean

6:00 PM

Reception for Attendees 

Why Attend?

  • Meet others who are interested and engaged in research, education, and outreach in ethics.

  • To participate in breakout sessions that will respond to prompts that will inform MSU’s strategic plan for an Institute for Global Ethics in Theory & Practice.

  • Opportunity to be an early participant in an important MSU initiative.

The future of this Institute and bold vision depends on faculty engagement!

Together, we will be addressing past ethical issues at MSU, recognizing where we are in the present, and how we can create an MSU Institute for Global Ethics in Theory & Practice for the future. Your involvement is crucial on how this Institute will engage all ethics parameters across MSU in both theory and practice.

Attendees can participate in-person or virtually. COVID-19 protocols will be in place on campus.

Registration at Maximum Capacity and is Now Closed

For questions, please reach out to the Ethics Symposium Committee Co-Chairs.

Post Symposium Feedback

Following the ethics symposium, please return and complete our afterthoughts survey to assist in shaping future events.

Ethics Inventory Survey

We are assembling an inventory of the ways that we are engaging ethical work at MSU through our curriculum, research, creative activity, administration, and other aspects of campus life.

This will guide our strategic plan for developing a world class Ethics Institute that meets the needs of faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

Submissions Due by December 9, 2021

Ethics Symposium Committee


Jenny Carter Johnson

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

College of Law

Matt McKeon

Chair, Department of Philosophy

College of Arts & Letters

Sriram Narayanan

Kesseler Family Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Supply Chain Management

Broad College of Business


Jennifer Dunn

Faculty, Department of Management

Broad College of Business

David S. Favre

Professor of Law & The Nancy Heathcote Professor of Property and Animal Law

College of Law

Linda Keilman

Associate Professor

Gerontology Content Expert

College of Nursing

Michael O’Rourke

Professor of Philosophy

Faculty, AgBioResearch

Director, Center for Interdisciplinary

College of Arts & Letters

Frank Ravitch

Professor of Law & Walter H. Stowers Chair of Law and Religion

College of Law

Ann Sheehan

Assistant Professor

Interim Director of Faculty Practice

College of Nursing

Justin Simard

Assistant Professor of Law

College of Law

Leslie Simons

Assistant Professor

Certified Pain Management Nurse

College of Nursing

Janice Swanson


Director of Animal Behavior and Welfare

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Sean Valles

Director, Center for Bioethics & Social Justice

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy, College of Arts & Letters

Lyman Briggs College