Building on the success of the first symposium in 2021, the MSU Ethics Institute will continue to host an annual premier ethics event at MSU. As an annual highlight of programming, the MSU Ethics Institute will bring together the entire MSU community to discuss pressing ethical issues. The annual program will alternate between a symposium that will bring together scholars from around the world with an internal conference that will focus on ethics within the MSU community.

MSU Ethics Conference 

The MSU Ethics Institute will also play a role in integrating research, education, and institutional transformation under a single roof by organizing a bi-annual conference that highlights co-curricular, curricular, research and institutional transformation activities that bring students, faculty, and staff together to discuss different ethical issues organized under different tracks. Such a conference will provide individuals across the spectrum of the university the opportunity to bring ideas and issues to the table upon which the university can focus. The conference will be distinct from symposiums in that it will aim to showcase the institute’s work across the entire spectrum of education, research and institutional transformation.   

MSU Ethics Symposium 

The MSU Ethics Institute will host leading scholars in ethics at a symposium to support the various fellowships and training that will be available throughout the year. The symposium will allow members of the MSU community access to leading ethics experts from around the globe who will gather to discuss research into ethical issues. Symposia may focus on the ethical themes suggested for research by the MSU Ethics Institute or may focus on a cutting-edge issue that has arisen during the year.